Billing Script - Free Installation

"Billing script" is usefull for Small and middle level company to manage their billing and generate invoices and Coders to modify and customize script for their customers..

General Installation - Billing Script

After buy a script you will get email with download link.

Download that script from that link and upload in your server.

There are on sql file is in sql folder, upload that in your Mysql Database

An include folder contain, Please change your Database name and password

Wow you Installed it :)

Free Installation - Billing Script

Free installation is included with every license purchase. To schedule a free installation after purchase please contact us with the information listed below.

Free Installation Information - Hosting Control Panel (I.E. CPanel, VDeck, Plesk, EasyAdmin) used to manage MySQL

* Login URL:

* Username:

* Password:

FTP Access

* Login URL:

* Username:

* Password:

Please contact your host provider and ask FTP and Hosting Control Panel information if you are unsure what they are.


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